Commissions and Bespoke Work

Working on bespoke commissions is creative, challenging and rewarding. To me, this aspect of my practice is a real joy! Over the years I have been asked to work on a variety of commissions such as artist portfolios, wedding and baby albums, small printed book editions, slip cases, guest books, log books and bespoke boxes. Each project is individual and calls for its own book or box structure and for an individual, personalised finish.  
The process starts by considering different types of book or box structures which would be suitable for the project before discussing the colour scheme and the materials to be used. I usually send samples of book cloth to my customers because it is really important to get a feel for the materials. We then move on to the personalised aspects such as title inlays, blind embossing or the use of original artwork to be incorporated. The project is then ready to start and is scheduled to fit in with your requirements. So, if you have a particular project in mind, please do get in touch with any ideas or questions you may have or be inspired by what you see below!

Portfolios and Thesis Binding

These can be artist portfolios, for instance, with an original art work inlaid into the lid of the portfolio or with original art work showing on the spine. Past projects have included presentation portfolios for exhibitions and for art-based PhDs as well as portfolios for the ‘Association Chaîne de Papier’ in France.

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Baby Sets and Albums

Recent projects have included baby sets with a journal and keepsake box with the baby’s initials blind embossed on book and box or baby photo albums with a photo of the wee one inlaid into the front cover.

Wedding Sets

These can be wedding sets with a wedding guest book and photo album presented in a box with blind embossed initials or title inlays. Or it might just be a special, personalised guest book for the big day.

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Log Books
A log book can be a blank journal or it might feature bespoke log pages as part of the inner book. These pages can be personalised to suit the type of log book, whether ‘sea’ or ‘air’, and the individual data that needs to be recorded. The book block is made from an acid free off-white 170gsm paper which is beautiful to write on. Bespoke inlays or blind embossing can feature a name, a title or an image on the front cover.

Guest / Visitor Books
Guest books can either be blank or they can feature printed pages with a guest book layout. The cover can be a hard cover case or a 2mm leather for a coptic binding. In both cases the name of the guest house for instance can be blind embossed on the front cover.

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One Offs
And then there are those small one-off projects which are also a real joy to work on such as a memory book, an original art work collection, a life time collection of academic papers, a travel journal, a slip case for a treasured book or a bespoke box. Every project is different and requires a bespoke book structure as well as attention to detail. Here book structures such as a single sheet coptic binding are a beautiful way of binding pages together but by no means the only way.

Menu and Information Folders
The menu folders are designed and handmade in collaboration with a small graphic design studio based also in North Uist – Hebridean Graphics. Together we work with great attention to detail and offer a friendly island-based customer service that will incorporate your own ideas.
These menu folders are beautifully made with an elegance of design that will display the information and images that make your business special. The art work will be designed according to your specifications and can be inlaid permanently into the front, back and inside of the folder and it will be sensitive to your existing branding.
The book cloth used to cover the folder is a durable cloth with a lovely surface texture and a water resistant coating ideal for a restaurant/cafe environment. It comes in a beautiful colour range that has both warm and vibrant shades to choose from.
Your menus can be finished either as screw post folders or as folders carrying plastic sleeves.