Kids Doodle Books

Kids Doodle Books make a lovely and very special gift!!

This idea came from my wee boy Johan doodling and doodling at the age of 2 years old. The outcome were lovely drawings and I did not want to throw any of them away. So I decided to treat all the grandparents and dad to books covered with art work by Johan for their Christmas. You can see the images of the book over on the right. If you want to turn your child’s art work into cover material for a book, send me the original doodle art your child has created and I will turn it into a book cover either by covering the whole book in that paper as a quarter binding (as shown on the right) or by inlaying some of the art work into the front cover, the choice is yours. Once you have placed your order I will get in touch with you to see how you would like your book finished.

These books are handy sized note books at about 15cm x 14cm x 1.5cm. The books are made of an acid free 170gsm off white paper which is ideal for writing, sketching and drawing purposes.


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